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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Liza Paige

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In house testing also showed the 1.0 litre EcoBoost powered Formula Ford is capable of extremely frugal fuel economy, delivering 2.4 l/100 km 118 mpg at 56 km/h 35 mph, and 5 l/100 km 57 mpg at 120 km/h 75 mph. While the 1.0 litre EcoBoost powered Formula Ford car isnt available to buy, the Ford Focus equipped with this engine is already proving a success with customers around Europe. About 30 percent of new Focus buyers in recent months have opted for the 1.0 litre EcoBoost. In the Focus, the 100 PS version 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine delivers 4.8 l/100 km 58.9 mpg, nike air max 2013 cheap and the 125 PS model achieves 5 l/100 km 56.5 mpg. The engine also will be available in the all new Ford B MAX, nike air max tailwind 5 and C MAX as well as the redesigned new Ford Fiesta coming later in 2012. Earlier this year, a Ford Focus equipped with the 125 PS 1.0 litre EcoBoost set Beats By Dre pro Cheap 16 Federation Internationale de lAutomobile FIA speed world records at the CERAM test circuit in France. AutoblogGreenCould Tesla build EVs black nike air max in China as soon as 2017?Long range, expensive Denza EV on track for fall launch in ChinaLocal production could improve Toyota Prius fortunes in China EngadgetAir Berlins latest iOS app can push boarding passes to Cheap beats solo hd your PebbleTesla opens 100th Supercharger. in a state nike air max hyperfuse where sales are bannedAudis latest hybrid concept car takes the TT family offroad, with 408HP under the hood AOL AutosNY Man Who Skipped Paying Toll 3,000 Times Fined Over 28,000Cadillac Offering 100 For Test DrivesSleeping Child Taken In Repossessed Vehicle.powered hybrid car can charge up without plugging in Ford has designed a new concept car that it planning to show off at CES2014 next week, which isn very surprising car companies make new concept vehicles all the time. However, this mens nike air max 2013 time Ford is looking to harness all that free energy the sun is raining down on us every day in a plug in hybrid. The Ford C Max Solar Energi has 1.5 square meters of solar panels on the roof that can juice up the battery while it parked outside. It not as simple as bolting some photovoltaic solar cells to the roof of the car, though. Like other plug in hybrids, nike air max tailwind the C Max Solar Energi has both gas and electric motors. Its total range is impressive at 621 miles, which includes 21 miles of all electric driving. Another thing it has in common with plug in hybrids is the part. If the sun is unavailable, you can attach the C Max Solar Energi to the grid like other electric vehicles. The new concepts and ideas come into play when you got a clear view of the sky. The solar panels on the roof of the Solar Energi were designed and manufactured by California based SunPower. These solar cells are a bit different than the cells produced elsewhere. There is a single metal layer on the back of the cell that supports the silicon photovoltaics. It a flexible design, which is utilized in the curved glass housing on the top of the car. SunPower also claims its cells can harvest 50% more energy over the same surface area than conventional cells. For all the supposed efficiencies of these solar cells, 1.5 square meters just isn enough surface area to power a car. That why all the solar powered cars you see are tiny light weight things that coast slowly over long distances. The Beats By Dre solo C Max Solar Energi makes use of a special Fresnel lens canopy positioned above the car to boost solar exposure several times over. A Fresnel lens is a type of compact lens originally developed for use in lighthouses that acts as a magnifying glass. If you picturing a canopy of breakable glass Beats By Dre solo ready to rain down on your car, think again. Frensel lenses are usually made from plastics new nike air max like acrylic, so they are light and durable while also being cheap to make. When parked under the Fresnel lens canopy, nike air max 2012 cheap the C Max Solar Energi will track the sun and roll slowly backward or forward to Beats By Dre Cheap keep the most intense area of solar energy concentrated on the panels. Ford says that using this system the car can gain the equivalent of a four hour plug in charge about 8 kilowatts over the course of the day. For many people, that enough to commute or run some errands without using gas or plugging into the grid. Without the overhead canopy of lenses, the C Max pulls in too little power to justify putting solar panels on the car in the first place. What Ford is proposing here is a combination of vehicle technology and infrastructure, which isn really much different than the regular plug in hybrid scenario. We already seeing the expansion of supercharging stations for electric vehicles, and a Fresnel lens canopy is a lot cheaper. The Ford C Max Solar Energi will be tested in the real world after CES to see if the technology is feasible to bring to market. Tagged InYes. The idea here Cheap beats solo hd is that most people usually drive only short distances to go to work, to shop, to attend local events, etc. If you live in a city, the odds are good that you could use only the electric engine most of the time. Unlike an all electric vehicle, you have the option to drive to drive 621 miles at a time for your Cheap Beats By Dre Cheap annual Christmas visit to grandma, or your annual pilgrimage to Burning nike air max 2012 cheap Man. If you regularly commute long distances, you be using gas more often than not, so the money you save by using electricity for the first 21 miles will be cancelled out by the higher price of a hybrid vehicle. Like most all? hybrid vehicles, this is a city car, not a commuter car. The 621 miles is for the existing C Max, and it most certainly is a commuter car. There are three modes to the Ford Energi series EV Now electric only, EV Later Hybrid mode, with the EV portion of the battery reserved for later, and EV Auto, which uses a little of everything and is best for commutes. With this the car uses a little gas and a little electric and gets amazing gas mileage. I am currently nike air max navigate getting 160 MPG with mine as I charge it at home and at work with a 45 mile round trip commute. A friend has a 110 mile round trip commute with the Fusion Energi and Beats By Dre Black Friday he is getting 62 72 MPG depending on the weather. At 195 hp and top electic speed of 85 mph, my C Max smokes everything but the Tesla. Sounds like solar panels will extend your electric range should you be unable to plug in at work a nice advantage. Many people came up with this concept the first time a hybrid hit the markets many years ago. It is not a new concept, but a very old one that should have been implemented on an EV or electric hybrid long ago. The point of the cells should not be to become the sole source of power, but rather to extend the electric range of the vehicle by offsetting or providing a small electrical boost. The Fresnel lens thing just isn going to work out. They too dangerous, for one thing. Expensive and inconvenient for another. But that just one man opinion. It a hybrid, not an all electric. nike air max for women But it can run a short distance without starting the actual motor. Myself, I live 30 miles from work so it would still never work as all electric, but I like the hybrid anyhow cause then you can do cross country I can fly due to medical issues. A friend just bought the C MAX instead nike air max 2013 release date of the Prius cause the C MAX still felt like a car and can still pickup and go when necessary. I must say I was impressed. This gives the C MAX a little bit more, but I more interested in how much more. Also is anyone else getting the video or supported MIME format for the 2nd image area? I in FF26 with all the extra toys adobe flash, horrible silverlight, etc. What missing? Did the same in Internet Exploiter 10. Well not exactly, just a black screen with controls at the bottom, no message but no video. Interesting I wonder what kind of Fresnel lens they going to use nike air max 2011 womens Beats By Dre solo here. They definitely could be dangerous to have misplaced or anything. But, honestly, a gas powered vehicles Custom Beats By Dre Cheap dangerous if misused/misplaced as well. I would assume but I really have no idea that the one for the solar powered mockup shown in the picture might be even better/more dangerous than this one.

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