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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Liza Paige

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What is the craziest moment that occurred during filming? In one scene, Michael Kors purses Cheap we were filming the biggest battle of the season. It had just rained the day before and it was raining the day we were filming it. All these horses were running down a hill and crashing Discount Michael Kors watches with our line of cavalry. The most amazing thing was to see some of these horses are trained to flip over. I was standing right beside this horse that came galloping at me full speed and it flipped over in nike max air front of me and crashed into this line of stuntmen. Then, you have Michael Kors Outlet Online Cheap to be ballsy enough 2011 nike air max to not only stay by this horse as its kicking but then get back into the scene nike acg air max goadome and start fighting. That was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. What are you favorite types nike air max basketball shoes of roles to play? Its always fun to do your own stunts. I love the adrenaline rush. When you do a physical role, you get to learn about the stunts and get to do more action packed stuff. Vikings it is not only about the physicality, although it was a plus, its about these characters and what they go through. I chose doing that role because I was putting on a Norwegian accent and got to show a lot of range. As a kid, I was always athletic, enjoyed adrenaline and experiencing adventure.Q with NPRs World Cafe host David Dye As host of NPRs nationally syndicated World Caf, David Dye has been turning audiences on to an eclectic blend of blues, rock, folk and world music for nearly 25 years. The critically acclaimed and award winning program, produced by WXPN in Philadelphia, is broadcast to over 250 National Public Radio stations throughout the country. As World Cafs host, Dye had conducted nearly 4,500 interviews. Dye had just returned from the SXSW South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, when I caught up with him on a Sunday afternoon the day before St. Patricks Day. During the course of a 45 minute conversation over nike air max tailwind 5 the phone, cheap nike air max 2012 we covered a lot of territory, including the relationship between music and language, his favorite interviews and if he could go back in time, who hed like to interview and the magic of Rosanne Cash. On our Sense of Place week on the radio, we had a chance to talk with Patty Griffin, who was a real joy. What drew you into broadcasting? I cant tell you the exact thing, but Im pretty sure the seed was planted in junior high school, for some reason. I remember being really attracted to music early on and realizing I really didnt have much talent, and the fact that I got just as big of a kick out of playing music and turning people onto things as I did performing it. . My first day of college, I ran up those stairs to the radio station and I knew it was what I wanted to do. And I got really lucky getting a part time job while I was still in college. As part of the Frederick Reads events, youll be chatting with Rosanne Cash about her life and work, as well as this years theme The Music of Language. What are you thoughts on how music and women nike air max language relate to one another? I think Michael Kors Outlet Online Cyber Monday this is a fascinating concept, and its hard for me to remove talking about the language we use on the printed page, the formal everyday language nike max air backpack its hard to remove the lyrics from that. I think communicating emotion Discount Michael Kors handbags through music is easy Michael Kors handbags Cyber I mean, its not easy, nike air max fly by but I love when you combine the melodic and rhythmic Discount Michael Kors watches aspects of music with the lyrics. And it sounds like an easy thing and everybody does it, but there are some masters of it Joni Mitchell is a real master of it. If you go back and listen to her albums, she manages to meld the two in a way that you dont even notice the emotional depth of what she gets by the combination of those things. . For me, its the emotions that are conjured, and its funny, with music being so portable recorded music when you consider here we are in this day and age and I can take my iPod with me and have more music at my disposal for going on a walk . and I can have an emotional interaction specific to a time and place because of having the music with me. I think thats really powerful. What is the essence, or the power, of music to be able to transport someone when they have the blues? I think anybody alive realizes that is one of Discount Michael Kors purses the nike max air backpack primary uses of songs. Your marriage has just ended, youve had a great loss, there is music that can nike max air backpack go directly to the emotional place you are at and tell you youre not alone. Ive asked people about that, if they realize, in a weird way, how utilitarian music can be for people. He just knocks me out hes so strong. Ive always loved James McMurtry and indoctrinated my daughter early on. I think she knew all the words to Too Long in the Wasteland by the time she was 5 or 6. Shes about to turn 15 and its still one of her favorite songs. Ive thought about this and Im not sure where I can go except to say that it nike air max tailwind 4 sure does. I mean its rich. But it depends where you are. Theres such a sense of place within the places the flat part of Alabama heading into Georgia or Mississippi, which is endless or, of course, New Orleans. Theres a lot going on . in fact, you can make the argument that a lot of popular music wouldnt exist without the different things that come out of the different parts of the South. Rosannes new album, nike air Michael Kors handbags Cheap max cheap The River and the Thread, is an exploration of her Southern roots. The trips she made through the South were probably really important to the feel of the songs, but she had some great stories that went with so many of these songs, and the richness of the area in the stories, that was really interesting. Its just a great record. Does sense of place bring out the richness in stories? Its an interesting question. We actually do a series on World Caf called Sense of Place where we go to different cities and try to get the essence of whats going on there. And to be truthful, weve kind of found that now the individual place and its effect on music are far less than its ever been, because were all kind of interconnected. You look at this new album by Rosanne and you read Composed, her memoir you realize she was a California girl and then she just had this extraordinary opportunity to move all over the place and kind of find herself. So I think the sense of place comes from peoples minds or imagination. In fact, Wholesale NFL Jerseys you know what? I think its a great question, and I will probably ask a variation on it when talking about this new album with her, about whether its the reality of the place or the imagined reality of it. I listened to your interview with Alejandro Escovedo from Austin another personal favorite. What have been some of your favorite interviews?

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